Crystal Kay releases a new digital single "Hitori ja nai Kara", and gurl...

Crystal Kay releases a new digital single "Hitori ja nai Kara", and gurl... | Random J Pop

So, Crystal Kay has a new single out. WEEKS after the finale of The Masked Singer Japan, and it's not a cover. Something she won everybody over with for 2 months.

I don't know what it is gonna take for Crystal to get her team together, but here we are.

As was the case with Crystal Kay's 2019's digital single "Beautiful", "Hitori ja nai Kara" features in a film which stars a member of the EXILE Tribe. It's a really nice song, but it's not memorable. LDH seem to have locked Crystal into releasing these happy go lucky songs which all sound the same. This shit is basically "Watashitachi" with a slightly harder beat behind it.

Crystal looks nice in the music video. Face beat. Hair did. But that's all. This song nor video features any of the energy, fire and passion that we got from Crystal on The Masked Singer. It's like the artist we saw on that stage and the one we get here are two completely different people.

It'd wild but unsurprising to me that LDH would not only wait weeks after Crystal's stint on The Masked Singer to release a single, but that they wouldn't release a cover song. If LDH wanted to push this dusty ass song because of their dusty ass movie, then fine. Either double A-side the bitch, or just have two separate digital singles release within weeks of one another. Kumi Koda wouldn't have thought twice. The MOMENT the finale of The Masked Singer finished airing, Crystal should have had either a music video for a song from I Sing as a single ready to go, or a studio recording of one of her covers from the show as a digital single.

The Masked Singer was one of the biggest platforms and forms of exposure Crystal Kay has had in years, and LDH did nothing to capitalise on it or ride the wave. It's ridiculous.

And still Crystal Kay's team have not fixed up her official YouTube channel. And let us not forget that this is Crystal Kay's first full first music video that she's featured in, in over 3 years, despite having released singles in that time.

Gurl. Fire the whole management and marketing team.

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