Random J Mix: Troye Sivan - Rush (Random J Extended Mix)

A post header image, featuring the interface of audio editing software, and an image of the cover artwork for my extended mix of Troye Sivan’s “Rush”.

So, Troye Sivan released his single “Rush”. And it’s good. But as is too often the case these days, it’s too short. Too short to the point where the song just sounds incomplete, especially if you’re listening to the single version after watching the music video which has a longer version of the song. The music video version of “Rush” is still too short, but at least it’s still longer. So, as was the case with another Aussie pop star’s too short club song, I tried my had at an extended version of the song.

I’m tired y’all.

I get that these short songs have become a standard in the age of streaming, but it’s all bullshit and I’m tired of it. Especially when it comes to club records. A club record should not be two and a half minutes short. Not when they were traditionally long in the 90s and ended up with even longer extended versions on 12 inch releases which would clock in at six minutes; sometimes even in excess of ten. Lemme do the running man and shake my ass for one song which is at a three and a half minute runtime, MINIMUM.

Short songs are great for radio, but not for DJs. So either release a longer song as standard, or release a Radio Edit AND an Extended Version. A good Extended Version. Not that sloppy official shit we got for “Padam Padam”.

Thank fuck Beyoncé said ‘I ain’t doing that 2 minute shit’ “Break My Soul”. I could not imagine that song being cut down to anything shorter.