Mashup: Perfume x Kylie Minogue - Polygon Wave

A pile of colourful floppy discs. With one pink disc with a label on it, which features the cover art of my Perfume x Kylie Minogue mashup. The cover of which features a shot from Perfume’s “Polygon Wave” music video.

I ended up doing a mashup which was Kylie over Perfume, so it only seemed right to do one which was Perfume over a bit of Kylie.

My Kylie Minogue x Perfume mashup was something that had been knocking around in my mind for quite some time, because that one part of “Secret Secret” had always reminded of Kylie Minogue’s “Can’t Get You Out of My Head”. And generally I have always found a bunch of parallels between Perfume and Kylie, especially during the Game days. I mean, shit. Even the music video for “Secret Secret” feels Kylie-esque at times. And with Kylie’s Tension album cut “One More Time”, it was a similar type of feeling. Every time I listened to the song I’d hear “Polygon Wave”. So, I just-

And I snuck in a bit of “Moon”. Just because I felt like it.

I really do wish that Perfume would incorporate mashups into their setlists. Something like the above would be cool. (Amuse. DM me sweetie). But even if it were mashups featuring their own songs, as Beyonce did on her Renaissance World Tour. The most obvious one being “Polyrhythm” and “Polygon Wave” because there are so damn similar musically. Another could be “Saisei” and “Time Warp”, as they are also similar musically. But nope. We just keep getting the songs being run off of a Discman featuring the original press copies of the albums.

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