Music video: Beyoncé - If I were a boy

How cool was that!? I didn't know Beyoncé had it in her! Definitley one of B's more substancial and memorable music videos. The song on its own is great, but partnered with this video it carries so much more weight and makes it better as a result. It's a shame that for a song and a music video which shows such a departure and new direction for Beyoncé, we've got "Single ladies (Put a ring on it)" which sounds like the same ol', same ol' and will look like the same ol' same ol'. Still, "If I were a boy" is a great song with a great music video and I can't take that away from Beyoncé and neither can you haters, so sit down!

I liked Beyoncé getting her policing and man on though. That was kinda funny to watch; along with B wanting to get her vanilla fix in the club.

Beyoncé needs to ensure she pushes the boundaries more and follow in the suit of this song in regards to her music. It'd suck if her forthcoming album ended up like B'Day - where only one song on the album showed a music departure (that musical departure on B'Day being "Irreplaceable").


  1. Yep that's my Gurl over there!:-D

    'Single ladies' doesn't botter me that much though (Still I understand what u meant)

  2. Goddamit! I keep on missing your videos!

  3. Hey J,how are U?
    Here's a clip of brandy :Long Distance

  4. Ralph you are amazing! The track sounds great and Brandy sounds amazing!

  5. Wow, brilliant video from Beyonce! *claps* The scene at 3:35 was powerful and really cool how it switched.

  6. So I just noticed something on, like, my 5th viewing of this, lol. Is all of this supposed to be like some vision or day dream she's having in the middle of that conversation that she has with the dude at the end of the video?

  7. You're welcome Junlee :-D

    Yeah teh song sounds really cool, cannot wait for "human"!

    I wanted to ask you Jun. do you have like a blog or something? I wight as well check it and leave some comments ;-)

    As for Bey's video.It's AWSOME! The thing is from the beginning the 'guy' was 'Her':that's what she would do if she was a Boy!ANd after the breakdown,the showed us the reality.

    I really love it, and trully think that It's gonna be a really HUGE single!

  8. Yeah I knew she was the "guy" the entire time, I was just wondering if that's what she was thinking about during that argument. When she says "What?", and then the guy said "I said,...", like he already said it but had to repeat himself. That's what I was wondering.

    And yes Ralph, I do have a blog as a matter of fact! :D Just click on my name there!


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