Music video: Beyoncé - Single ladies (Put a ring on it)

This is why this woman is the hottest chick in the game. Couldn't no other bitch work a video and a song like this but Beyoncé. HOTNESS!!!! Beyoncé done pulled 2 hot videos out of the bag at the same time like it weren't a damn thang but a chicken wang on a strang. The video is simple and more of what Beyoncé always does: trashing her weave like her life depends on it, popping her pussy and shaking her jelly. But the video was eye catching because of the cool lighting effects and because Beyoncé was dancing her arse off! She went HARD for this video. I'll stan for how Beyoncé put it down in this video right here, because she was working her shit from start to finish. She was pulling off choreography that was way better than anything she's done before. You know she'll do the whole routine live whilst singing live and sounding perfect too, because that's how Beyoncé rolls.

Great video and I have to say, I'm liking "Single ladies (Put a ring on it)" a heck of a lot more now. I know when I hear this drop in a club I'll be throwing elbows and be knocking drinks over and shit whilst bellowing "Wa-ho-ho! Wa-ho-ho! Wa-ho-ho! Wa-ho-ho!"


  1. She did work it A LOT in the video, but all the lighting effects and all the same dancing got old. It also doesn't help that I don't like this song at all.

    I'm still rockin' "If I were a boy".

  2. The song is garbage outside of the club scene, but the video is heartening. At least you know she's coming hard. It's fire, and it plays to her strengths. I only disagree on the live performance part. Beyonce is the queen of the pre-recorded lip sync.

  3. ^^LMAO @ "Beyonce is the queen of the pre-recorded lip sync."

    You've got to be kidding me.That sentence just prove to us that YOU DOESNT KNOW BEYONCE AT ALL -> Dont be confusing pre-record chorus pre-recor lip synk (aka Britney) cause it's NOT THe SAME THING AT ALL!

    That said, the video IS HOT HOT HOT! And you said everything J, no need to add no more. NO OTHER CAN DO THAT RIGHT THERE! That girl is in onother world!
    Im not a Fan for nothing


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