Beyoncé performs "Single ladies (Put a ring on it)" on SNL

Not just any chick can do what Beyoncé just did there. She worked her shit OUT! I was wondering on a couple of occassions whether she was lip syncing or not though. Either way, that was still a great performance. Something just seems so much more engaging about Beyoncé's performances now-a-days. Maybe it's marriage. Who knows! Great performance. It's been a while since I've seen a hot performance on SNL. Ya'll remember what happened when Mariah was last on the show...


  1. It kind of did seem like she was lip-syncing maybe, but others times, like at the end, it didn't...but can you blame her? With that much ass shaking and hair thrashing. She's not like Mariah who just stands like something out of a wax museum.

    Watching her work her curves like that definitely makes the song better!

  2. That was her real first Live of 'single ladies' (after The world Music awards)


    Why you think she lipsynched? I dont think she did...


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