Britney at Madonna's dry arse tour

Always one to pimp a hot pop star, Madonna had Britney make an appearance at one of her Crusty & dry gigs. Britney looked good, but seemed quite shy and nervous. Britney pre-breakdown would've been working the waist, thrashing her weave and swaggering her shit all over the stage. I hope Britney was playing coy as not to upstage Madonna too much and that when Britney starts performing in a few days time that she turns her shit on.

I honestly forgot Madonna was touring. That rendition of "Human nature" was terrible. Madonna sounded like shit and why was she even with a guitar!? I couldn't hear one pluck of that shit during the whole mess of a performance. And the "F**k you"'s were just juvenile. I know she was trying to come with shock tactics and be 'controversial', but it didn't work. She just came off like a stupid bitch who wants yet more attention. As if her divorce being plastered across the papers the fact thousands shelled out cash just to watch her perform wasn't attention enough.

Madonna's wasting her album away in my opinion. It wasn't brilliant, but it had tracks that would've been hot singles. "Heartbeat", "Miles away" and "Incredible" should've been released already. She should've shot decent videos for them before she went on tour. It's always a waste when good songs get forgotten about.

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