Britney wishes fans a "Merry Christmas!" March

Britney recently took her Circus tour (most fitting title tour EVER!) to Washington DC where she sent out seasons greeting 3 months too late and 10 months too early to her fans in the middle of a 'performance' of "Do somethin'"...

Bitch is still crazy. But we all knew that already. Bitch also mimed "Do somethin'" too, but we knew that already too. When a chick can't do a song like "Do somethin'" live, then you know she's some bullshit. She doesn't even sing on that song, she just talks like a fool and shouts over the beat. Can she not do that live at the very least!? I do have love for Britney. But if after all these years she can't take it upon herself to give a true LIVE performance, then she needs to just stop performing. Big sets, pyrotechnics, costume changes, rogue pussy and shouting out "Merry Christmas!!" in March can't disguise the fact she's miming and she shouldn't be. But her fans will defend her to the moon and back regardless.

Give it a read: Circus album review


  1. Damn right I'm gonna defend my bitch: She hadn't been to that side of the stage in two songs, and it was like their "Christmas Present" when she went. Get it?


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