What Lady GaGa looks for in a man...

Well that was bloody awkward to watch. I'm not sure what's up with Lady GaGa. She always seems so disengaging during interviews and comes off like an utter bitch. She gave some solid answers. I especially liked what she said regarding how she wants to be seen. But it's not always what you say, it's how you say it. And Lady GaGa came off as straight up rude. The interviewer should've went upside her head with her microphone. She should've known what to expect though. Especially after her 'so awkward it's like a car crash, I wanna look away but I can't' appearance on the Johnathon Ross show.

And as for Lady GaGa liking big dicks and nothing else. I admire the honesty, but again: it's not what you say, it's how you say it. Plus, the way she comes off in her videos and what she says in her lyrics - I'm hardly surprised that's all she wants. She must be pretty shallow if that's all she looks for in a man though. Would she or any woman (or even a gay guy) honestly be a okay if a dude had a big dick, yet was butt super fugly, and to top it off had zero personality AND was rubbish in the sack!? Lady GaGa may as well buy a french bread stick, wrap it in a plastic bag and impale herself with it. Or buy a very large dildo. It'd save her the hassle for finding Mr. Big dick, and would allow her to focus on her music without the distractions of a man.


  1. Shesw weid sometimes??her new paparazzi just leaked minutes ago:


  2. "Lady GaGa may as well buy a french bread stick, wrap it in a plastic bag and impale herself with it."I spit at my screen when I laughed at this because I wasn't expecting to read it. LOL!!!

    She does come off as quite the bitch though doesn't she? It was a stupid question that the reporter asked though.

  3. She's not to attractive up close, lol.

  4. She comes across as a cross between a robot and completely dead-pan sarcastic. Robotic in the Ross interview (especially during the first half, like her answers were programmed) and sarcastic with the dick sentence (it didn't work with the reporter she didn't know but I think that was what she was aiming for).
    I'm not a fan of her music but from those 2 vids thats what I got, not so much the rudeness. Btw; loved the french bread line! XD


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