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The king of pop passes on...
Michael Jackson passed away today. The iconic pop star who had been riddled with health concerns since his much publicized court case a couple of years ago suffered a heart attack at his crash pad in Los Angeles, which had him fall into a coma before drifting off and being pronounced the D-word.

This comes as a complete shock. Especially in the wake of his mammoth tour at the London o2. What could've triggered his heart attack is unknown. It could've been anything from his age, stress or the strain of rehearsals for his tour. This news has sent shock waves across the world. Fans will of course be devastated, as will many influenced artists out there. And then on a slightly cold note, we have that issue of what's going to happen to all those ticket sales of the This is it! tour.

Though it's all too easy to feel sad about his death, we should remember and be grateful for the amazing contribution that Michael Jackson made to music. Scandals and personal feelings towards Michael's personal life aside: there's no denying Michael's musical talent and what he did for music. The ex-n***a with the best weave game in the whole wide word opened doors. He was up on how no matter whether you're black and are classed as urban, ain't nothing like a good pop record to light up a chart. He was up on that long before everybody started turning pop. Then you have Michael being up on how a music video can push your album sales and be a major form of entertainment unto themselves. Michael not only changed his own face, but the face of music. There's no denying what a huge impact he had and continue to has on the music game.

I've been a life long fan of Michael Jackson. "P.Y.T", "Wanna be startin' something" and "Human nature" stay getting repeated plays on my iPod and will continue to - because that's the power of Michael's music. It's timeless, it's legendary and it'll transcend time: living on in the younger generation of male artists. All of whom have modelled their career somewhat on Michael, and wouldn't be able to have the career paths they have if it weren't for Michael having paved said paths all those years ago. Let's be happy for that, and take some form of solace that Michael will live on forever through his music and in the hearts of his fans and the future artists influenced by him.


  1. Damn J, what a fuckin' beautiful post. It's so true, and it made me smile. :) The man may be gone now (still crazy to say that), but his music will indeed live on forever.

  2. You're right to post this because all K-Pop artists who are inspired by him must be upset.

    I heard the news last night around 11:30 from my friends that he died at about 12:00pm.

    R.I.P Michael Jackson

  3. That was quite a tribute... I know you joked around sometimes, but this was a nice sendoff.


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