The Forehead announces brand new single and album, both dropping this year. Refuses to sit down.

The Forehead will be releasing a new album this year, despite Talk that talk only releasing a few weeks ago. Her new single "Diamonds" will premiere on Wednesday 26th September. She dropped the deets in an interview with Elvis Duran after her iHeartRadio gig.

This ho just won't sit down. She moans about being tired, exhausted and having to have IV drips in hospital, but she's doing it to her damn self. Talk that talk was a rushed mess of an album. If this Diamonds shit is going to be more of the same, then I really am not interested.

Rihanna's lead singles are always chart killers, but her albums are disposable and rarely become memorable because all everybody remembers are the singles. They never remember the albums. And when she drops new singles for new albums so quickly and her era's overlap each time, it's difficult to remember anything she does in-between. It's just one long timeline of consecutive single releases.

I never like Rihanna's lead singles on a first listen, but grow to like them. So I imagine whatever "Diamonds" sounds like, it will be the same deal. The song is rumoured to be produced by Stargate and Benny Blanco, with Sia on writing duties. All of whom are no strangers to the charts. The former charting high with everything they do with Rihanna and with Sia becoming the woman of the moment via her work with David Guetta and more recently Ne-Yo's "Let me love you (Until you learn to love yourself) storming the UK charts at number 1. Details are thin on the ground as to who has worked on the album with The Forehead, but Ne-Yo recently mentioned to Rap-up TV that he's hit the studio with her and that at least one of his contributions will make the album. Marking the first time since Rated R that a track Ne-Yo had worked on made the final cut.

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Rihanna announces 7th studio album, single debuts next week @ This goes in


  1. Actually, I'm looking forward to her singles, they're usually quite good. Even with an average album like "Talk That Talk", she still delivered "We Found Love" which was totally hot.

    1. I'm always late to see what the fuss is about with her lead singles.

      If fans are okay with her delivering killer lead singles and throwaway albums, then that's fine. It's their money. But the shortness of her album cycles is getting ridiculous now. Give people a chance to miss a bitch!

    2. She'll never give fans a chance to miss her, 'cuz once she does, a bitch will become irrelevant!

  2. I've lost interest in Rihanna years ago. I haven't enjoyed anything this chick has put out since "Good Girl Gone Bad". That album as a whole was amazing.

    Every subsequent album she has released since then are forgettable.


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