Britney gets super mega Photoshopped for Candie's

Britney gets super Photoshopped
This barely even looks like Britney. It looks like somebody that looks a little like Britney stuck on some net chicks' body. I say "somebody", as not to rule out the fellas. Because Britney is look a little tranny like in this shot: let's not front.

I don't think there's a single shot Britney has done for Candie's where she doesn't look like she's been ran through Photoshop for hours.


  1. She looks like a video game avatar. Sad...really sad. I can't stand it, why is this b***h continuing to make money, argh.......LOL

  2. sorry but britney best be gettin maja $$$$$!
    the candies clothes look cheap and trashy like britney in the ads :P
    i thought photoshop was meant to make you look better!?!?! the make up is tranyish and the clothes are shit . . .
    still <3 britney though! :D


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