2NE1's debut performance of "Pretty boy"

I dig the outfits except for the boots. Why big hideous platforms instead of sexy heels or some hot hi-tops? Leave girl groups in platforms back in the 90's with the Spice girls please! But the girls still looked hot, and the performance was pretty smokin'. Bom and Dara were pretty invisible during the whole thing though, due to CL and Minzy super swaggin'. I still can't believe Minzy is only 15. The girl is special. At her age and already with a veteran like presence on stage. Her dance solo was short, but sweet and BLAZIN'! Gotta give a girl credit.

I liked "Pretty boy" back from when I didn't know the song was "Pretty boy" when it played during 2NE1's intro before their debut stage performance. It's cool it is being pushed now. Even if the song is old.


  1. The boots were really 21st century and the new evoultion equalling up to 2NE1.

    Those are really killer heels instead. But they reminded me of the Spice Girls ones and Bratz too. But I don't mind.


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