Beyoncé kicks it at a Cancer ward in Singapore

You can hate on this chick all you want. But her vocal game is serious. She just slumped her arse down in that armchair and knocked out "Halo" like it was nothing. Big notes, flutters, belts. Easy. Effortless.

"Halo" is a nice song. Fitting for kids in a cancer ward in a hospital. But I bet them kids would've liked to have seen her drop "Single ladies". I would have. If I was on my death bed and Beyoncé asked me "What sowng would you like me to sang?" I'd say "Single ladies". Forget that slow haert-felt acoustic shit. I want the full blown "Single ladies" dance with p***y poppin', grinding, jelly jiggling and weave thrashing so violent she gon' wanna get up in my hopsital bed and share my IV drip afterwards.

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