Music video: Dara featuring CL - Kiss

I had to file this under music video. It would've been an insult to just fling it in a post tagged as just a TV commercial right? Korea doesn't mess with their music and commercial tie in's. They go all out! "Haptic love", "Lollipop", "Amoled" and now this.

I really like the song "Kiss", and this video was equally likeable. It does a great job of highlighting Dara's qualities: her quirkiness, how damn pretty she is and that she can act a little too. Home girl won't win no Oscar's any time soon, but she seem's at ease with acting, played her part really well, and looked like she had great chemistry with Lee Min Ho. The kissing scene was some bullshit though. All they did was bump lips. People do that shit on crowded subway cars every day. Okay. Maybe they don't, unless it's some sex subway cart. But you get what I mean. That barely constituted as a kiss.

Sandara looked hot, especially in the final scene. I love me a lady that can work the smokey eye look. But Lee Min Ho was working more mascara than she was.


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