Aguilera's not herself tonight (New single info)

Christina Aguilera - No myself tonight (Single art work)Pow! The single cover for Christina Aguilera's lead single off of her forthcoming and serially delayed 4th studio album Bionic.

The song is rumoured to be produced by Polow da Don and written by songwriter Ester Dean. You may have heard a song she's written on the radio and in a club. Robin Thicke's "Sex therapy". Nope? Then how about The Forehead's "Rude boy"?

I'm not even going to lobby at guess at what this song will sound like if it is indeed produced by Polow da Don, because Polow has been a bit of a Chameleon with his productions as of late. The drums stay knocking as hard as always, but his melodies and tone have been switching up in a rather cool way. I guess a n***a got some new sound packs for Garageband. It would be pretty hot if Aguilera came with one for the clubs, because the last track she did that had club appeal was "Tell me" with P. Diddy, and I hated that song.

I'm not eagerly awaiting Christina Aguilera's new album, but this song could change all that if it's good. It'll be premiering on radio and the Internets REAL soon.


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