Behind the scenes of Janet Jackson's music video for "Nothing"

I'm not feeling that wig on Janet. It ooks like somebody cut off a horses tail and threw it on her head. I can hear that shit neighing from here. Janet still looked cute though.

I'm not expecting this video to be anything special. Janet's slow numbers always have pretty boring videos. And with "Nothing" being a featured song for a film, chances are it's going to follow the theme of the song. Couple fighting, then making up, Janet wandering around in the background with her fine ass self, somebody crying all up in the shower...we know how these videos play out.

I think it's nice that Janet and Jermaine are able to still remain close despite no longer being a couple. It wouldn't surprise me if they got back together. He looks like a Gremlin, and Janet doesn't seem keen to have children any time soon - but they made a nice, stable couple.

Check it out: Janet's contribution to the Why did I get married too? soundtrack


  1. I'm not feeling that hair either and why does she insist on wearing these outfits with huge things on her shoulders? I don't like the outfit at all really.

  2. Big shoulder pads seem to be the in thing amongst ladies in the pop game right now *shrugs*

    Janet still looks nice: nasty wig 'n ugly clothes and all. But image wise, in a music video: she ain't topping that red catsuit in "Feedback". She looked AMAZING!


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