Girls' generation f**k up on stage

Girls' generation performed their hit song "Tell me your wish (Genie)" at the Passion 2010 concert. Given how they ran this song and dance into the ground during their promotional run of it, you'd think they' have no trouble performing it. WRONG! Any kind of clockwork that this was running like was rusted to hell and back.

This shambles of a performance was better than any of the times the girls' got it spot-on in the past, because it was so funny and adorable. The girls' were looking rusty from the start. But watching them all stand there at the 0:24 mark like "Shit, what bit is next?" and then try to style it out with some prancing and twirls was when the game was up. I could not stop laughing, and seeing the girls laugh at their f**k up made it even funnier.

Great performance! The flaws made it work in a way perfection never could. I think I just fell a little bit in love with Girls' generation as a result of seeing this.


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