Lady Gaga's 2nd round with Jonathon Ross

Lady Gaga appeared on the Jonathon Ross show for the second time. And thankfully, it was a much more normal affair. normal as Lady Gaga can get.

Over the past 6 months Lady Gaga's interviews have been much more friendly and a bit more open. I think she finally began to realize that the interview shenanigans was downright skank and that fans want just a glimpse into Lady Gaga as a human being. Proceed on to see Lady Gaga open up a little more than she has done. And to also catch her live performances of "Telephone" and "Brown eyes".

Lady Gaga's interview with Jonathon Ross (Part 1)

Lady Gaga's interview with Jonathon Ross (Part 2)

Diamond? Diamond!! I didn't know albums could go diamond in this day and age. The last album I remember going diamond was NSync's No strings attached. Although I know quite a few (but not a great deal) of albums have gone diamond since.

"Brown eyes" performance

"Telephone" performance

The performances were good, but not amazing. The best part of "Brown eyes" was the weird into, which that was like watching a stage re-enactment of the opening to Mork & Mindy. "Telephone" sounded weak. That beat was NOT knocking hard like it should have been. "Telephone" is all about that beat, and if it isn't knocking hard, it just doesn't sound right.

Lady Gaga's interviews are strange affairs, but I love how she handles her artistry. She is very much in control of her whole career is a true artist in every sense of the word. You can only say that about a handful of chicks in the game right now. The real test however is if Lady Gaga can maintain this in the long run. I'm not saying that she can't. But it's going to be an arduous task. The battle for staying power begins now...


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