Nadine holds up Girls aloud

Nadine gots that jungle fever from Cheryl [by Random J ;P]
Girls aloud have hinted (okay, ran their mouths) that Nadine is the reason for the hold up on their new album, as she's busy recording her own. I honestly don't think anybody is going to miss Girls aloud. All their shit sounds the damn same. It's like Xenomania are running out of guitar riffs, nonsense and stupid lines to put into their songs. So I say let a bitch record it! Although with this said, I don't think any of the girls in Girls aloud has the makings of a solo star other than Cheryl, and even her days are numbered. She's always been the most talked about member, and the one the media have continually been interested in since day one. Her status as the nation's darling was cemented after her cheating footballing n***a of a husband cheated on her and she landed a gig as a judge on The X-Factor.

I don't think Nadine will blow up, because there just isn't enough hype surrounding her. Plus, she's making the fatal mistake of spending all of her time America. As a UK artist who hasn't yet made it big in the States and isn't really crucial or fundamental to the music game: to jet off to America, then expect to sweep back into the UK and have a hit is career suicide. It will not work. Just ask Craig David and Natasha Bedingfield. But I also don't think it's fair that the chick who can't sing gets all the time to put out an album, whilst the only member of Girls aloud who can actually sing and carries all of the groups' songs is being pushed to rush her shit.

Word is that Nadine has booked time in the studio with William Orbit. I'm a tiny bit eager to hear the results if this is true. I found a new love for William Orbit after the stuff he did with Madonna ("Frozen", "Beautiful stranger" and "Amazing" were the shit), and was pissed when the songs he did with the Sugababes didn't make any of their albums.

Cheryl Cole and jealous Nadine Coyle to be the end of Girls aloud @ Metro


  1. this is so whack! why are they all blaming Nadine (not that im a fan) when Cheryl is taking her miming caberet to Europe as we speak?!?
    makes me laugh... there was even talk of them carrying on as a four piece and that got my hopes up that Cheryl had left but no they meant without Nadin... THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN SING lmao
    Cheryls sympathy fuelled success has gone to her head which has already goten out of controll from the weight of all those extensions lol
    Whatever girls aloud are crap anyway, the only song i ever liked 100% from them was "memory of you" a B-side to "The loving kind" despite being better... lol

  2. The only songs by Girls aloud I liked were "Sound of the underground", "Wake me up" and "Call the shots" which easily could have been a Sugababes left over from Taller in more ways or Three and obviously had been better if they'd done the song.

    The fact of the matter is that Girls aloud could go on without Nadine. But it couldn't go on without Cheryl. She's too big a star in the UK now, and she's the face of the group: more now than she ever was before. Sad, but it is what it is.


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