Rihanna hits the top spot with "Rude boy"!

Rihanna's 'Rude boy' goes #1! [Gold #1 image courtesy of iStockphoto]
Congrats are in favour for The Forehead, having scored herself her sixth #1 single on the Billboard charts - and also ranking as a female artist with the most #1's within the past 10 years! Kudos! If I were able to meet her, I'd high five her forehead in celebration.

If you had asked me whether Rihanna would have been able to have had so many #1 singles back when she doing her Beyonce impression in the "If it's lovin' that you ant" video, I would've have just laughed. But she's shut me up and shown 'n proved. She's lasted in the game longer than many thought she would, and by the looks of things, she'll be around for a good while yet.

The success of "Rude boy" song should come as no surprise though. The song was a bonafide hit from day one, and was clearly Rated R's best track by far. The song is absolute crack.

It's crazy that despite being such a strong seller when it comes to singles, that her album sales stay lukewarm for so long. Rated R is not a flop by any means. But given the hype which surrounded the album, and the whole Chris Brown debacle to help fuel its success, you would have thought the album would go in at #1 in great deal more countries...

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