Sean Garrett has hits in the bag for The Forehead (or so a n***a says...)

Despite Rated R still having some life left in it, The Forehead has already started the ground work for her follow up. Ne-Yo (which more than likely means Stargate too) and Sean 'Her a smash on the radio, it's because somebody took a hammer to it Garrett have both confirmed to have been working on songs for The Forehead's 5th studio album. Sean Garrett spoke out about what he's got cooked up for the Bajan star.
I got a record on Rihanna's new album. She’s got some surprises. The record I gave her was very, very positive, very big. It's a f**king smash. I gave her a humongous radio record. It's just so infectious. It's about getting past any drama and just being happy to be alive. It’s an encouraging record. It feels great and it's got great tempo. I made sure that it was bulletproof. It should be a single unless something crazy happens. It's hot as f**k. I think it’s a record that’s gonna stay on the radio for a long time.
This n***a said the same thing about Beyoncé's "Ring the alarm" and Nicole Scherzinger's "Whatever you like", and we all know what happened to those tracks. Not only did they flop like a dead slug, but they were shit songs.

Sean Garrett was hot. Usher's "Yeah!" and Beyoncé's "Get me bodied" and "Upgrade U" will always be the business. But he's too boring now. His songs are always about the same thing, and he has every chick sounding the same, singing about the same shit. We're going to have to wait a while yet until The Forehead's 5th studio album drops to hear the bulletproof joint. But let's see if Sean Garrett's song even makes the cut.


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