Keri Hilson f**ks up the National anthem

A video is circulating the Internets of Miss Kerrri babay f**king up the American National anthem. I won't lie and make like I'm up on national anthems. I don't know UK's National anthem for shit, so I'll be damned if I know the American one.

I watched this a couple of times and didn't know where she f**ked up. So somebody will have to give me a time-code for the boo-boo. What I do know is that Keri didn't need forgotten lines to ruin this rendition of the National anthem, because her vocals did it for her. Checks it out.

I got love for Keri. But the riffing and elongation of every other word got old, and butchered the performance in itself. I always hate when R&B singers sing "The Star-spangled banner", because they feel the need to put spins on every note: trying to prove they can sing, and just doing themselves damage as a result. Just sing the damn song so everybody can siddown and watch the game!


  1. @:26, she f**ks up by singing "what so proudly we...", but you'll notice she corrects herself. You can also hear the crowd kind of react to it, lol.

    Terrible rendition all around!

  2. never liked her. only in timbaland's "the way i are"


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