Album arts: Beni - Jewel

Beni's sixth album is titled Jewel. And she's in a ring box clutching a ring. That right there is relevance. Crystal needs to take some damn notes with that 'Spin the music looking like Christmas shit mess' of an album cover. Beni needs to stop with the old skool Mariah Carey-esque album titles though. Gem. Bitter & sweet. Lovebox. Jewel. It's giving me stomach ache. You know if Ayumi Hamasaki did this album cover, that the giant ring would be real.

Beni only dropped an album 6 months ago. But that's not stopping a girl from releasing another. Shoot... Ayumi Hamasaki's doing it. Beni may as well jump on the bandwagon!

I liked Beni's Bitter & sweet album. In fact, I really liked it! But I wasn't too keen on Lovebox, which sounded like Bitter & sweet leftovers. So I can't imagine Jewel being any different. Especially considering she's working with much of the same producers, and Beni takes as many musical risks as Princess Peach does with her wardrobe.

Jewel will hit stores on December 8. Those labels in Japan sure aren't subtle about capitalizing on those Christmas sales - with Beni, Crystal Kay, Hikaru Utada and Ayumi Hamasaki all slated to release during the run up to the holidays. Beni and Crystal's heels was already broke before they hit the starting blocks. We all know it's all about front runners Hikaru and Ayumi taking over the charts for Christmas.


  1. I just hit up Lovebox a week ago and got the same vibe as you... yet, I still can't wait to hear this one. So long as I still get vibes from Bitter & Sweet, I'm gonna be jamming to it! I expect nothing but heaters from Daisuke Imai.

  2. WHY DOES THIS WOMAN KEEP GETTING HER MUSIC PRODUCED BY DAISUKE IMAI!!! THE GUY IS TERRIBLE, his stuff sounds ALL the same. I feel like BENI has a gorgeous voice and could do with better music production. I also think she needs to show off her vocals a little more (the girl can DEFINITELY sing, the new song "See U Again" being proof), and boost her image. She's so talented, and plus what about singing in english. She actually sounds BETTER when doing so. Wish some label here would notice her.


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