Music video: Kelly Rowland - Down for whatever

I watched this video the once. I will not watch it again unless I'm out in a club, it's projected onto a wall, and I'm having such a dry ass time that I'll actually watch it...again.

This video follows in the footsteps of that age old Kelly Rowland fall off regime that she must clearly love to not have done something about it all these years later. Once again, much like "Commander" and "Forever and a day" we have a strong single with European hit potential being blugeoned in the side of its head within an inch of its life by a crap video. The video is a flashing mess.

I don't get how a song like "Motivation" got a full on dance routine, whilst "Down for whatever" gets no such thing. She's been spending too much time in The X-Factor judge seat and gotten too comfortable. Ho needs to get up on her feet and start dancing again. This was her chance to give us the weave thrashing and pussy popping that Beyonce is now in no fit state to give, and she blew it. Kelly looked great in this video. But other than that? Gurl, bye. You ain't down for a damn thing but another flop.


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