Angela Aki prepares to own piano playing wigs, with Summer gigs, a national tour and a new album

Angela Aki to harvest piano playing wigs in 2012 | #bowssbitch

Wigs are still falling to the floor as a result of Songbook and her child is still waiting for its mother to sit down for a hot minute to suck on a titty. But Angela is keeping it moving. She'd posted pictures of herself in the studio a couple of months back, which alluded to a new album release, but now we have confirmation. Angela Aki will be releasing a new studio album this year. Sweet Lawd, gimme!

I hope Angela's Grandparents can keep up with raising a child, or her husband was able to book some maternity leave; because Mum's about to gets REAL busy this year.

Angela will be headlining several high profile Summer music events. Performing at the Jounetsu Tairiku Special live Summer time bonanza '12 in August and at J-wave live 2000+12 in September. Then Angela will embark on a national 39 date tour, which will kick off in October 2012 and conclude in March 2013.

If her Summer performances are to coincide with the release of her music, then we'll probably get a single or two by July. With the album releasing just before she begins her national tour.

White was of a mess I've not witnessed since watching 'Bukkake extreme volume 12'. But Songbook was an amazing album. If Angela can channel whatever swag she was on for Songbook, with what she delivered for Answer, then I don't think my body will be ready for this new album.

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  1. I've already been scalped at the thought of Angela's live tour. Her live game is always on point, and she always manages to keep me mesmerized despite her performances consisting of only her and her piano. My body is ready for some flawless performances of the covers on her Songbook album. I hope that baby she split her vagina for has given her some new found creativity. I know she had a miscarriage in the past, and this may sound selfish of me, but I hope she can channel the sadness of losing a child into a really depressing ballad. I love her wrist slitting, depressing ballads; Your Love Song, and Somebody Stop Me go on constant repeat when I'm feeling like shit.

  2. Oh Angela... This women together with hajime chitose made me fall in love with japanese women's music. I wasn't into Namie, Kumi or others, these 2 came first and made me love jpop.

    Angela is really talented, i freaking love her ballads. Good luck to her, i hope she's happy with her baby.

    Kiss Meeeeee GooodBye... Loooooooove Memories... You put the dreeeam iiin myyyyyyyy reaaaaaaaaaality (8)


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