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Kumi Koda - Go to the top [CD + DVD] | Single art Kumi Koda - Go to the top [CD] | Single art

With the umbilical cord still hanging from her vagina, Kumi Koda is ready to prepare a brand new single release "Take it to the top". This could either be an introspective song about getting to the top with declining album sales and be a hand out to Ayu for her to step up her game. Or it could be a gay anthem for bottoms.

She looks cute on the cover. It's like a cluster-fack of Jessie J's Who you are album cover, Christina Aguilera's Bionic album cover and Anne Hathaway in The dark knight. Anne, Jessie and Christina can stay mad. My J-ho looks more delicious than those three wobbly kneed bitches. I have concerns over her mouth though. Kumi either has to give me all teeth or close her mouth. Whenever she does this partially open mouth shit, it upsets me. I don't like how I can see some of the bottom set of her teeth. I'm clutching my pillow right now. Still delicious tho'.

Shockingly this single art is just a close up shot of her face. There's not even get a bit of titty, and Kumi often gives us full body or titty on a lead single cover unless it's a single cover for a ballad. Which is when we get close ups of her looking depressed, battered or holding phallic shaped sculptures.

"Go to the top" is released on October 24th and will is the opening theme for the anime Total eclipse.

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  1. this article >>>>>>>
    i had to laugh at every sentence, it's crazy.
    good luck with that single Kuuchie!

  2. I don't know why the head-shot is shocking tho. I don't know about her .. gravitational situation, but didn't she just push life from her cooch? I hope she's not the Japanese Jessica Simpson and can lose it fast enough. I have not been checking for J-pop in a bit tho, admittedly.

    I don't know if she's going to do anymore hoe shit now that she's a mother - she doesn't seem to have enjoyed the hoe shit based on interviews - she could go demure like Namie, but that lane is taken. This is seriously bothering me. All my divas are going nowhere :c

    The song itself is on YouTube. Its awful, and not at all good comeback material.

    Personally, I think she should've just laid low and then put out some winter ballad about her kid and family and collected her coins. Then again its Avex. It wouldn't've been a "Yume No Uta" but it'd've been better than what we're getting.

    1. A winter ballad would have actually been perfect.

      This song is just terrible, but Avex will take her child if she doesn't keep releasing.

    2. let's hope she cares more about her child than namiserable. >_>

  3. Kumi and Ayu just can't shut there mouths can they..... SMH lol, I do like these covers though but the song itself is not even good Kumi tbh let alone good lead single Kumi.
    When is Ayu gonna birth a half white baby and let the pink baby bling shower (for boy or girl, you know how she rolls) begin?! LOL


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