Music video: Beni - Our sky

In the past couple of weeks Namie has thrown down 2 gauntlets which were so fucking heavy that they caused a tremor which caused wigs to slip off many a head and leave bitches on unsteady footing. Namie gave the world colour, white people, black girls on roller skates, gave us disco balls, L.A pool parties, ponytail whipping, and somehow gave us TLC in just two music videos. So naturally every other Summer J-Pop video is going to pale in comparison, but we'll let these chicks try with their shit anyway. Starting with Beni, who looks like a hygienic version of Madonna in Desperately seeking Susan who paid for her Kenzo skirt, as opposed to sucking a dick just to get it put on layaway.

Beni's dancing just made my dead one legged cousin turn in his grave and I have zero facks to give the song. I never tend to like Beni's singles. It's always her album cuts which do it for me, with the singles growing on me long after. I'm not expecting much from Beni's upcoming album. I never expect much from her in general, which gives her a wide berth for which to win me over. She did so in a big way with Jewel and I've written off her ability to do so again

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  1. At first I was kind of digging this song... And then out of nowhere it left a horrible taste in my mouth >_>

  2. I definitely agree that her non-single track are always better than her single tracks. Her singles sound so boring have that typical J-pop "been there, done that" feel to them.


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