Music video: Perfume ride a glory hole bus to nowhere in "Let me know"

Perfume - Let me know (PV) | Random J Pop

"Let me know" is the last promotional single that we'll get before their sixth studio album Future pop releases on August 15th.

Perfume last 2 singles ("If you wanna" and "Mugen mirai") have both been short and sounded unfinished. So I wonder why their team even continue to bother with uploading short edits of videos, when the full thing is only going to feature an additional 30 seconds worth of music and footage anyway.

I need somebody to tell me why the girls were not styled this way for their Future pop album cover. Why did we have to have a-chan, Kashiyuka and Nocchi wearing frosted packing paper?

I still can't stand this song, but the routine for the non-existent hook? It's a yes from me dawg. And Nocchi ate all of that shit. ALL OF IT. If there's one thing I can say about Perfume's routines post "Tokyo girl", it's that they've all been pretty good despite the songs being awful.

This video reminds me a lot of "Star train" with the style, the beams of light, the close-up shots of the girls having their hair blown about the place and also the ominous vibe of the ending. What does the ending of "Let me know" mean and represent?
  • Is Perfume being left at the bus stop a sign that they're disbanding and calling it quits soon?
  • Is a-chan handing the key to Perfume's younger selves a sign of them passing the torch?
  • Is it even this deep at all? And this shit is just a low key product tie-in to their clothing range 'Perfume's closet' and a-chan is handing the little girl the key to it, to go and buy cheap pieces of rubbish?
Perfume being left at the bus stop felt real to me, because these girls are being left behind musically. So seeing that shit visually made me take the longest sip of tea.

It's nice to get a glimpse into Perfume's personal life though. Kashiyuka and Nocchi be living their best life in this video when that light hits. You can tell from their more fashion focused photoshoots, and any moment where they don't have to play up the Perfume mannequin schtick, that they'd rather be about that fashion sexy life full-time. And Perfume show us that their management pay them salaries so low, that they can't afford to go to the IMAX and that they still be having to ride the bus everywhere.


There is also an explicit version of this video which shows what the holes in the bus represent. It's not surfaced yet, but I do have some Random J pop exclusive screencaps.

Perfume - Let me know (Explicit version) | Random J Pop

Perfume - Let me know (Explicit version) | Random J Pop

Perfume - Let me know (Explicit version) | Random J Pop

Perfume - Let me know (Explicit version) | Random J Pop

Perfume - Let me know (Explicit version) | Random J Pop

The music video is a nice mix of the old Perfume charm with a hint of how Perfume should be looking generally. "Let me know" is still a lacklustre song, but the video makes it much more tolerable and the routine is great; as was the case with "If you wanna". Another song which showed promise in the verses and was then ruined by shit-stain of a chorus and just ending abruptly.