Remix: Dua Lipa x Ollie King / Hideki Naganuma - Don't Start Now (Random J Mashup)

Remix: Dua Lipa x Ollie King / Hideki Naganuma - Don't Start Now (Random J Mashup) | Random J Pop

So this video game Pop music mashup thing that I started with Britney Spears has now paved the way for this.

I tried to deny Duolingo's "Don't Start Now" for a minute, but it wasn't long until it won me over. The production on it is perfection, and I was initially hesitant to mess with the song at all. Until I had an idea. Then I tried said idea. And I didn't hate the outcome. Then an odd chain of events would unfold. Bomb Rush Cyberfunk was announced, which is the spiritual sequel to Jet Set Radio Future, the game of which the song I used for this mashup originated from. And the composer of the soundtrack for Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is Hideki Naganuma, the same composer of the Jet Set Radio Future soundtrack. AND THEN Duolingo goes and announces a remix album.

Coincidence? Bitch, I'm Psychic.


The music is from a pretty obscure game by the name of Ollie King, which was a SEGA skateboard game developed by the same team responsible for the skate 'n' graffiti Dreamcast classic Jet Set Radio. It's soundtrack of which was also composed by Hideki Naganuma. 

If you haven't played Jet Set Radio, play it. It's amazing. And if you don't know who Hideki Naganuma is, check out his Twitter. His damn mind is lost half the time, but his Twitter is a good time.

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