Perfume drop their 5th Perfume Closet collection, and some makeup to help cover the disappointment of Nakata's trash songs

Perfume drop their 5th Perfume Closet collection, and some makeup to help cover the disappointment of Nakata's trash songs | Random J Pop

No news on a new Perfume single. But there is news on Perfume dropping mo' shit from their merch line Perfume Closet.

Perfume aren't a group known for being particularly fashionable, choosing to hit stages looking like Super Sentai. So the thought of them launching a clothing range was...interesting. But as time has gone on, Perfume's campaign shots for these collections and the collections themselves get more and more fashionable. They look really good in their threads. And as was the case with their shoot for Levi's, we get a rare case of a-chan and Kashiyuka in trousers.

Perfume Closet must be doing well enough for this to be the 5th collection. They clearly have some really dedicated fans, because every piece of clothing in this line is expensive and overpriced. Some of the pieces are real cute. There are a couple of items in the men's range that I'd wear. But I could also get them a whole lot cheaper cheaper elsewhere, especially given how basic the designs are. Literally everything in Perfume Closet you can buy from Uniqlo for less than a quarter of the price, and I bet it'd be better quality too. I don't know why you would spend $200 on a pair of pants that you could buy at Uniqlo for $30. But power to Perfume for managing to sell through their shit. Because with these mark-ups, they must be making some good-ass profits. They need to make sure they're stacking that money for the tour productions. Because their shit has been looking expensive for a minute now, and that P Cubed tour looked real expensive.

The 2nd phase of the 5th Perfume Closet collection features all the shit followers of the collection would expect; blouses, dead-ass shoes and whatever. But it also features a first. Makeup.

Perfume Closet #5: Makeup | Random J Pop

I think these are eyeshadow palettes? Maybe with blushes!? I'm not 100% sure. But all 3 of these palettes look the same to me. At first, given the names, I thought that maybe each palette was made up of colours Perfume probably wore when shooting the corresponding music videos (or commercial in which the song featured, in the case of "Tokimeki Lights"). But it's probably because these are song names that make cute palette / shade names. It would have been far more fun if the colours matched the colour palette of those songs, especially given that they're so distinct. I mean, we could've gotten something like...

Perfume Closet #5: Makeup | Random J Pop

But I know bold colours in day-to-day makeup is not a very Japanese thing.

Very few Japanese pop stars are known for their makeup, because face beats aren't really a thing in Japan, where makeup application is more about the bare-faced look, in comparison to the US where make-up is all about face transformation, and in K-Pop where the focus is on the eyes. Unless of course you look at Ganguro, which seem far less strange and almost normal now in the wake of drag queens being a part of pop culture, and folk like the Kardashians popularising using foundations shades which are 7 times darker than their actual skin tones.

Perfume drop their 5th Perfume Closet collection, and some makeup to help cover the disappointment of Nakata's trash songs | Random J Pop

a-chan got played with her ginger eyebrows.

Don't forget that Perfume's 2019 Reframe performance is now available on Netflix worldwide. So if you have Netflix and are a Perfume fan who has yet to see it, be sure to check it out. Even if you're not a Perfume fan, but value a good performance and a bit of spectacle, be sure to give it a watch. You don't have to be a Perfume fan to appreciate that the ladies and their team put on a hell of a show.

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