Hikaru Utada's "Pink Blood" is dropping in June

Hikaru Utada's "Pink Blood" is dropping in June | Random J Pop

The announcement of Hikaru Utada's second single of 2021 "Pink Blood" came as a shock because her first single of the year "One Last Kiss" was barely out the door. But it was clear that the delay of "One Last Kiss" which was due to the delay of the release of the Evangelion movie it was tied to pushed it closer to the planned "Pink Blood" announcement, which couldn't be moved due to its tie in with a show which was due to air in April.

The initial announcement of "Pink Blood" didn't feature a release date for the song, only the anime it would feature as part of. But now there is confirmation that "Pink Blood" will release on June 2nd, 2021. Hopefully she and I will both be vaccinated by then. Look how Teruzane be planning shit.

The official single art for the song has also been released, which is a different flavour of cover art than I'm used to seeing from Hikaru Utada. It has a very book cover and cinema poster vibe about it.

Hikaru Utada's "Pink Blood" is dropping in June | Random J Pop

The shot appears to be from the music video, or at least shot on the set of it. A few promo shots for "Pink Blood" have surfaced, each of which are from the music video; and it looks like we'll be getting an actual production and not a quarantine make-do music video, as was the case with "Time" and "One Last Kiss". Although I really did like the music video for "One Last Kiss", as it felt like the kind of video Hikaru Utada would've given the song regardless. Plus it was just a cute video. And as much as London gets on my nerves, I always smile on the inside when I unexpectedly see it captured a music video or a film.

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