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Random Ass Post Vol. 9 is brought to you by Pride & The Party Queen

Random Ass Post Vol. 9 Featuring Pride & The Party Queen | Random J Pop

It's that time y'all. Pride month. When the brand accounts turn all of their logos and avi's to include a rainbow and do their performative part to appear inclusive.

A massive part of Pride for me is music. Personally, music is a huge part of my life, and I feel like I discovered who I was through it. But music itself has always been such an integral part of queer culture, soundtracking it in so many different ways since the historic day when Ayumi Hamasaki threw a Louboutin at Stonewall.

I started this raggedy little blog because it was just an outlet. My music tastes have always been varied and random (hence the name). I've had my taste in music called 'girly', 'weird' and, 'gay' and 'strange' for as long as I can remember. And this was all before I got into J-Pop and non-English music, which just made my taste in music even broader and seem even more 'strange'. I never felt my music taste was weird, because those close to me never seemed to find it weird. Also, I just didn't care. I liked what the fuck I liked. But every now and then somebody would say some shit and remind me how 'no normal' my music tastes were.

So Random J Pop was me pretty much blogging to myself, in the hopes that if there were another me out there, or somebody whose musical tastes were as random as mine, then maybe they'd feel less strange and less alone. And maybe they could have a place where they could embrace that, instead of being ashamed of it. It was never about wanting millions of hits, wanting to be a journalist or a writer, none of that. It really was as simple as reaching just one person and making them feel seen and that they belong, and that's not changed. And during this moment of a global pandemic, and it being Pride month, I'd like to think that at a time like now, that this blog is able to reach that person if it hasn't already. I guess you could say this blog in itself is part of my own manifestation of Pride. 

I might do something on Random J Pop for Pride month. No idea what. But until I figure that out, here are a bunch of queer ass playlists for you to get into, and embrace being a complete weirdo in the knowledge that you're not the only one and that it's cool.