Kyary Pamyu Pamyu runs from it all in "Gentenkaihi". And gurl, same.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu runs from it all in "Gentenkaihi". And gurl, same. | Random J Pop

Kyary is celebrating her 10 year anniversary and it comes with a new song "Gentenkaihi". And we also get a music video of Kyary running from a giant red bow, which is all too real. The bow is responsibilities. The bow is COVID. The bow is men. The bow is white women.

Kyary's label is on that Avex bullshit. So you have to watch the music video on YouTube. Somebody come get Japan. I'm beyond tired of this.


Nakata Yasutaka might actually be in a bag. A new Capsule song, a new Perfume song, and a new Kyary song all sounding like classic good shit!? I'm not gonna get my hopes up until I see some damn consistency across a period of time. But it sure is good to have Nakata delivering the goods again, at least for now.

I've been saying it for a while, but Nakata and Kyary have a chemistry which makes for decent songs and some level of consistency. Even with Japamyu being as 'meh' as it was, the songs on it weren't terrible, and at least they felt exclusive to Kyary, complete and whole. The same of which cannot be said for Perfume's material over the past 6 years. Kyary will always give you a few songs here and there which feel reflective of what she's doing at the time, how she's feeling or is experiencing personally. And then there's whatever the hell Nakata writes for Perfume. 

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu runs from it all in "Gentenkaihi". And gurl, same. | Random J Pop

I like the song and video for "Gentenkaihi". They both feel like a consolidation of all Kyary has done throughout her career, which is fitting and makes sense given that "Gentenkaihi" commemorates her 10th anniversary.

The video reminded me of the cover of Moshi Moshi Harajuku, the videos for "Furedeshon", "Mottai Nightland" and "Kimi ga Iine Kuretara". Whilst the song had the funk of songs on Nanda Collection, the wholly happy go lucky vibes of Pikapika Fantajin and the Kyardi P flow from songs on Japamyu.

Despite the song featuring a hook that starts off like "Mottai Nightland" and the music video featuring Kyanime Pamyu - the song and video that really stuck with me was "Yume no Hajima Ring Ring", a song and video which was about Kyary moving on in life. The theme of "Gentenkaihi" seems to be Kyary wanting to move on from a version of who she used to be - which is also fitting given her circumstances. Japamyu seemed to be SOME form of effort for Kyary to move out of the style and sounds she was known for prior. And Kyary also has her own record label now. 

KRK Lab | Random J Pop

KRK Lab is Kyary's new record label, and "Gentenkaihi" is the second release on it, with the first being "Gum Gum Girl". So it's going to be interesting to see how Kyary navigates her career now. Her last label and management team didn't seem to have much faith in her power as a big seller after Japamyu's dire chart performance. But clearly Columbia Records Japan saw some gas still in the tank to help her launch her own label.

Kyary truly is a business woman now, between being the Japanese Avon lady and now having her own record label. Good for you bitch.

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