TBS TV drama Saiai to feature a new Hikaru Utada song

TBS TV drama Saiai to feature a new Hikaru Utada song | Random J Pop

So, it looks like Hikaru Utada has another song dropping that's gonna be the theme of something else. This time it's the TBS TV drama Saiai which stars Yuriko Yoshitaka, who Perfume fans will recognise from their "Tokyo Girl" music video, as she featured in the drama that song was the theme for.

Yuriko Yoshitaka stars in TBS' TV drama, Saiai | Random J Pop
Yuriko Yoshitaka, Saiai | © 2021 TBS

Here's the thing though. The title of the song hasn't been revealed, and we supposedly won't get it or hear any of it until the first episode of the drama airs on October. But we know how this usually goes. There'll be a teaser for this drama which will be previewed on a morning news show a week or so before the drama starts airing, which will feature a snippet of the song and also the title. But watch my ass be completely wrong as TBS and Teruzane gives us nothing.

Daddy Utada sat Sony down in 2020 and said 'My daughter is going to be the soundtrack of everything. My daughter will be the soundtrack of Japan's water. Japan's makeup. Japan's anime. Japan's movies. And Japan's TV. And if they feel like it, they might promote some of it'. At this rate, the only thing left for Hikaru Utada to give a song to for the single run off of this upcoming album is a video game. But there ain't no Kingdom Hearts game on the horizon for them to even do that.

And ain't it something that we're really gonna hear a whole new song before the Queerkaru Nonbinarytada Pride anthem "Find Love"!? And we'll soon be at the point where we've heard half of this upcoming album. So far we've had "Time", "Dare ni mo Iwanai", "One Last Kiss", "Pink Blood", "Find Love" and now we have a sixth song. I also wouldn't put it past Hikaru to include the the Da Capo version of "Beautiful World" on this upcoming album. So that's 7 songs. And then there is the inevitable 7th studio album announcement which will probabaly going to be flanked, or closely followed, by news of a final single which is absolutely going to be another tie-in - because like Teruzane done told Sony, 'My daughter is going to be the soundtrack of everything'.


I shalln't look a gift horse in the mouth and say its teeth are busted. At least we're getting something. And I have to say, all of the songs we've gotten thus far feel unified in some sense. I can definitely hear how they'd sit together on an album. Although I would really like it if we got album versions of a couple of these songs. Reworked album versions of "Time" and "Pink Blood" would go down a treat, because both songs felt under baked and incomplete to me. I'm sure this album isn't fully complete and hasn't gone into mastering just yet, and it ain't like Hikaru is busy doing anything other than taking photos of plasters on the streets of London.

Honestly. At this point I think the way to catch Hikaru Utada out in the wild is to lure them like a Pokémon with plasters on pavements.

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