Mashup: Namie Amuro x Tyla - Want Me, Want Me

A pile of colourful floppy discs. With one pink disc with a label on it, which features the cover art of my Namie Amuro x Tyla mashup. The cover of which features a shot of Namie Amuro holding a bottle of water.

What started out as a comment on a music video somehow turned into me making a snippet of mashup. And then me really warming to the snippet so much that I said ‘Fuck it!’ and made the whole thing.

When I first saw the video for Tyla’s “Water” I was not impressed. It was boring. It was light on water. It was light on dancing. I thought ‘Wow. The video for Namie Amuro’s “Want Me, Want Me” gave me more of what Tyla’s video should have’. So I edited “Water” over the top of the video for “Want Me, Want Me”. But then I thought ‘How about if I mashed the two songs together too?’ So I made a quick 1 minute snippet of it. But then I thought ‘Wait. I actually like this.’ And now here we are.

I may have ruined Tyla’s “Water” for myself a little, because whenever I hear it, I just hear “Want Me, Want Me”. And given both songs are basically about the same thing, it works on levels it really shouldn’t.

I truly believe that if Namie were still doing music, she absolutely would have given us an amapiano song about her poppin’ coochie.

As for the inclusion of cupcakKe. I just had to do it. “Duck Duck Goose” is a really good song if you’ve not heard it before. The lyrics are absolute filth and straight-up ridiculous, but the shock is how genuinely good a rapper she is and that she has BARS. Were the lyrics to “Duck Duck Goose” not so nasty that they couldn’t be edited for radio, it would have made a great single. It didn't stop “WAP” from going to radio, but which radio station is not going to play a viral song from Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion?