Behind the scenes of Brandy's "Long distance" music video

With Brandy's album due to drop real soon, the music video for "Long distance" is well on it's way. The video was directed by long time music video director Chris Robinson and he and Brandy treated gave to a sneak peak behind the scenes.

I couldn't help but wonder why on the directors' card it said "Crash". Somebody shoulda had they ass fired for that one. They need to be more considerate around home girl.

Brandy looks nice though! The wig actually suited her melon head and gave her a believable hairline. "Long distance" continues to grow on me. I didn't hate the song when I first heard it, but wasn't in love with it. But I'm definitely in love with the song now. I really hope her daughter makes an appearance in this video. It really would bring the message home and make the song so sickly sweet that you wouldn't be able to help but fall for it. Brandy does not get enough credit for holding it down as a bomb ass music artist and a single mother.

This song has #1 Christmas single written all over it. If Brandy's people actually pushed her shit and if it weren't for the X-Factor currently running it's course in the UK, she could easily have a UK Christmas #1 with "Long distance", it has all the makings of a hit Christmas single. Throw some jingle bells up in that shit and have Brandy layer her shit to sound like a church choir (like she usually does any way) and she's good to go!


Junlee said…
Have you heard the "Human" snippets on Amazon? What do you think? "Piano Man" sounds so tight! Everything else sounds good, and I'm excited to hear that final version of "Fall".