Brandy sings to sick children about n***as giving her sex

Brandy performs "Put it down" @ MDA show of strength | Live performance

Brandy performed on a TV show supporting a charity for terminally ill children and sung a song about wanting a n***a to f**k her. It's as inappropriate as hell, but a bitch has gotta sell a record and has a child to feed. And Brandy's performance was so good that I actually forgot for a hot minute how much I hated "Put it down". I still refuse to support this shit by giving iTunes 99p of my money for it. But Brandy sold the song to me as well as one can. She even managed to find a wig which hid her coastal breakaway hairline.

I hate this song. But it was nice to see Brandy perform live, even if she did mime the absolute shit out of this song. Before you stans come for my blood, please YouTube Brandy's performance at the Global fusion festival. Hear dem vocals? SAME DAMN VOCALS!

I still think "Put it down" is the worst thing ever, but at least this version had those BRANDY vocals. She was giving me that Brandy tone and that Brandy texture which is not on the single version at all. The song also sounds much better without that wife beating n***a. And can we please have a moment for those ad-libs and runs? Good GAWD! If she had Put it down right like I really wanted it, she would've have sung the song how she did here on the single version. Well...that's a bit of a lie. If she put it down right like I really wanted it, she wouldn't have recorded this garbage in the first place.


  1. OMG that terminally ill girl.

    'To preform Put It Down, BRANDY!'

    LOL. Straight to hell.

    She also sung like 23% of the song, the rest was the CD doing the singing.

    Could they not find Sarah Mclachlan or something? So inappropriate.

  2. at least the choreo looked decent.

  3. i liked, but it was weird watching the performance cause i couldn't get the sick girl out of my mind.

  4. Nothing but HELL all over that stage.

    The beginning was so uncomfortable.

    I LOLed my way all the way THROUGH that little girl's introduction.

    I'm sorry, but somewhere that was suppose to be a SNL Skit. Not this.

    First Monica, now this.



  5. I'm sorry but they did Lontandra dirty. I'm side eyeing the hell out of this mess. Brandy is using people as stepping stones right now. First she wiped her ass with Monica's weave and tossed it on her door step by omitting it "All (the flops) Belong(s) to Me" from her track-list. Then it was Sean Garret's Ninja turtle looking ass, andthe lisping wife beater. Now she's moved on to sick children. The things desperation will make a person do... lmao

  6. I feel like a dick but that Lotandra intro was hilarious, lord forvive me...
    The performance was good though and the song is ok, I think Brandy is in the same situation as Xtina in that to make a comeback she needs to release something with mass appeal as the lead single hence "Put it down" / "Your body" which are hot tracks just not as deep and unique as either of them is capable of, The albums will have those tracks though I don't doubt.
    Actually getting into Brandy lately and I never have been into her music like that.


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