Britney's first "live" performance of "Womanizer"

Britney performed at this year's Bambi awards ceremony. Which marks her first performance since that dizzy headed, cracked out shambles she stunted at the VMA's last year.

That performance was...okay...I guess. Why was Britney not dancing!? I want to see her dance so badly. I really hope she hasn't lost it. There were moments and certain moves when you could see Britney's still got that dance in her. But overall you can still see she's a bit rusty. Britney used to be running shit when it came to the dancing, so I hope that pop emerges REAL soon. I can't front...I need to see Britneyt hrow down on stage. I still be loving how Britney came at the VMA's when she did "I'm a slave 4 u".

Britney's rustiness aside, the stage setup and the mix of "Womanizer" used were hot. Britney also looked tasty, although she looks like she borrowed her outfit from Madonna. Ironically, the outfit looks the same as the one Bones wears when she does "Human nature" and the video of Britney plays during her Sticky & sweet tour. Intentional? No clue.

It was good to see Britney on a stage again and give a performance which wasn't a complete shambles like last years' VMA's. But she needs to start pulling out the dancing. Strutting up and down a stage is not engaging. It goes without saying that Britney mimed. Although she may have been singing with her mic level turned down really low. There were odd moments where it sounded like you could actually hear her singing live. But not enough to consistute calling that shit a live performance.

I hope she fixes up for when she performs on the X-Factor next week. She needs to be shutting that shit DOWN!


Junlee said…
I've never really understood all the love that you give Britney about her dancing from back in the day. I just watched that "Slave 4 U" performance she gave at the VMAs and, granted it's better than anything she's done recently, but it's nothing that any average chick in the game couldn't do. It's not like that choreography was anything amazing or difficult. She had tremedous stage precense, but in terms of just throwing down, it just wasn't anything that would make me say "that was tight". You act like she had it like Janet or Ciara.

The only thing that made me go "wow" during that performance was her body. It looked incredible in them itty bitty ass shorts and green flowing thing!

Speaking of this video, cool set, but like you say about Rhianna all the time, it overshadowed her. And if she didn't throw down this time, I wouldn't expect her to next week. But who knows.
Random J said…
No average chick could work that "I'm a slave 4 U" performance the way Britney did - if they could then wouldn't every chick in the game be doing as such? I'm sure Miley Cyrus couldn't dance and work the swagger how Britney did in that performance and neither could Rihanna. That's some B.S. Britney was a trained dancer and it showed back then, not just in that performance but the video too. The "I'm a slave 4 u", "Overprotected (remix)" and "Me against the music" videos all showed that Britney was an above average dancer.

I never ONCE said she was better than Janet or Ciara or even implied as such. If I felt that, then I would've just blatantly said it. In previous posts I'd said Janet and Ciara are in a different league to other chicks in the game when it comes to the dancing, including pre-breakdown Britney.

Britney could definitely move better than other chicks who were in the game at the time and had stellar stage prescence too. Britney was a noticeably good dancer - and that's what I'm highlighting.
Junlee said…
I didn't say you said she was better than Janet or Ciara (that would be crazy), don't get all hot under the coller! I said the way you go on about her sometimes, it's like she threw down LIKE them. And that comment was more of a joke than anything. All I'm saying is, from my view of her back in the day, her dancing just wasn't anything spectacular. Sure she was trained, but with practice, a lot of people could do that routine. Hell, you could probably do that routine and I wouldn't be surprised if you already do, lol.

I'm not trying to make it look like I'm hating, I've just honestly never seen anything too special about the chick besides her looks. Just my opinion.

And come on now, Miley Cyrus? lol That girl shouldn't even be singing. She needs to stick to her Disney show.
ng2000 said…
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