The Forehead and Chris Brown, together again

The Forehead & Chris Brown, together again!The Forehead and Chris "I'm-a take you down" Brown are back together. The bitch is stupid. Either that or the dick is so good she's willing to take a few beatings just to taste it daily, nightly and every so rightly. I had sympathy for The Forehead when beat down number 1 occurred. But when beat downs number 2, 3, 4 and 5 occur (and believe, they will) - I'll have no sympathy for her, because she put herself in the position for it to happen again. I bet women beaters are throwing parties right now and have set up groups on Facebook in glee. The Forehead's father had spoken out about the situation, saying that he hopes Rihanna doesn't get back with Chris Brown. But he recently spoke out and given the news of their reconiliation and said...
"I love my daughter with whatever road she takes. I'm behind her win or lose. I will be supportive. If that's the road she wants to choose, I'm behind her".
If that was my daughter I wouldn't support shit. I'd be fighting back the urge to go upside her head my self! The Forehead's father is a former crackhead and wife beater who now sells second hand boxes of Connect 4 and Monopoly out of the boot of his car, so n***a's hardly a fountain of wise words and a rock of support.

The Forehead should've questionned how much Chris Brown cared for her in the first palce for him to have beat her like he did. Bitch is stupid. She just saved Chris Brown's career. And whatever lesson was to be learnt, he hasn't learnt it now she's back with him. I hope for her sake Chris doesn't beat her again, but once a n***a's done it once, he'll do it again. She said in her song that "Once a good girl's gone bad she's gone forever". The same applies to boys. Obviously nobody told her that. I'm sure when Chris goes upside her head again she'll realize it. Or maybe she won't.


  1. Dumb bitch. Plain and simple.

  2. maybe it's just build up to either Chris's next (gospel) album: Bad Boy Gone Good, or Rihanna's Bad Girl Gone Dumb.

    But seriously either she's really dumb or really forgiving and having faith in C Breezy.

  3. Eh, I think we're oversimplifying. People get caught in abusive relationships all the time. From the outside it's easy to say she's a dumb bitch for staying, but it can be very difficult to walk away from someone you care for. Clearly, her outside support is lacking. Her father is a joke. And please believe this is not beating #1. This is just the first incident we've heard about. So, clearly her friends ain't shit either because they've let it come to this. I think it also needs to be said that Rihanna's only 21.
    If she does decide to stay with him, I don't think it will save his career. On the other hand, I believe it will taint her own career. A girl in an abusive relationship is hardly a role model. Once she realizes the a**hole might f*** with that dolla', maybe she'll come to her senses. But, I hope she finds the strength to walk away soon.

  4. To me, it aint that complicated. Her heart is bigger than her head, and she's optimistic that this was just a one time thing and it'll never happen again (unless you're right, and this is just the first we've heard of it). Dumb bitch might have been harsh, but that was just the first thing that popped into my head when I read about this.

    And you're right, her support system must be shit. If this were my daughter, friend, or whatever, there's no way in hell this would go down. But she is grown, so ultimately it's her decision and her life. I just hope she gets it and leaves next time.

  5. Brandon your so right. When I heard they were getting back together I saw Rihanna'a career catching a spark from Chris Browns burning reputation and going down in flames with him. Even if he says sorry and goes to anger management the fear should still be with her that he'll do it again. The next time though he'll be most careful not to get caught. Following your heart and not caring what other people think is all good, if the entire world media doesn't know all your business. The fans will never let this one go. She should dump him, go on Ophra, spill her guts then release an umbrella 2.0 single and she'll be fine.

  6. *LMAO!!!* @ "Her heart is bigger than her head".

    No one knows but them, and the folks in their tight circle... But The Forehead and Chris didn't look like they were in love that deep. We're talking Rihanna and Chris, not Angelina and Brad, or BeyoncĂ© and Jay-Z. She's ♪ dumb-dumb-bi-dumb-dumb. Dumb-bi-dumb-dumb ♪ It's not like The Forehead is married to the dude or has kids by him or has some long history with him that she feels she needs to try and stay for the sake of. They had a relationship which was questionable from the start and even leading up to the beat down, Chris took her down, now she's back with him already. Stupidity. And if this happens again (which I strongly believe it will), then a lot of people will be out of sympathy. I know I will be.

    The more I read into this whole debacle, the more I feel it's all some kind of stunt and that certain shit has been done and said for the benefit of careers. Rihanna's face looks absolutely FINE now. You'd never know she got beaten down 3 weeks ago. What, she got Wolverine style healing factor now!?

    Her Dad's a mess. But like I said, n***a was a crack head and he sells board game out the back of car, so *shrugs!* Some support system he'd be. Rihanna's mum used to get beaten by her husband, so you'd think she'd be steppin' in, but nope! And what's that bitch Melissa who was always around Rihanna with the nappy red weaves got to say!? I thought she was The Forehead's #1 homegirl!?

  7. I know she's young but what an idiot.
    If this is true she'll have to work it out for herself and deal with whatever consequences arise. Women go back to their abusers all the time, as someone has said and no matter how much her family and friends may disagree it's her life. I just hope she will make the right decision at some point. It's a shame really.


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