Bonus material: Girls' generation - Tell me your wish (Genie)

Bonus material: Girls' generation - Tell me your wish (Genie)
Let's be honest. "Tell me your wish (Genie)" is a good song, but that cute shit at the start and end is annoying. As is "The DJ...put it back on" break in the middle. It's nothing a little home editing can't fix mind you. So here is my re-edited version of the song. Intro, break and Outro free. Click to the pic.

♪ Tell me your wish (Genie)
© 2009 SM entertainment

This song really is growing on me in a big way. The beat is seriously hot. I cannot hate on the production at all. I just hope an instrumental leaks so i can step to it without these girls' weak vocal game. With 9 girls in the group they really should've come better. There are chicks in the game who lace their songs with better vocal arrangements and harmonies on their own.


  1. Thanks! And, J, I just listened to your Remix of Miscommunication from shock value and I like what you did with it. Usually I'm skeptical of any mix that edits out vocals, but you really did a great job. I like the notes you added at the end, and the way you made Keri's voice trail off without leading into Sebastian's! LOL super OT


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