Brandy, Japan and her 6th studio album

Brandy and her pink fedora in Japan
As I post this, Brandy is in Japan. Touring and enjoying the wonders of the country (of which they are many). Hmmmm... That store Brandy is in looks familiar... I remember walking into one that looked just like that. It in the 109 building in Shibuya. It's a building full of women's clothing and department stores. I wandered in there to ask a girl for directions. I didn't wanna leave. So many fine girls up in that building. JAYsus! But anyway...back to our girl Brandy. Who looks fly in the picture by the way. Shit looks like a shot for an album inlay.

Brandy is already working on her 6th studio album. Something she herself has confirmed. It's a shame she's given up on Human having put so much into it, but it is what it is. That album was only going to go so far. It didn't have a lot of obvious potential single choices, at least not to me. Plus Brandy wasn't and still isn't in a position in her career where she can go toe-to-toe with chicks like the Beyondroid and have anything sell regardless of quality. Because let's face it: in terms of sheer quality, Human drags I am... Sasha Fierce by the weave. But the Beyondroid is the bigger star, so of course she'd sell more copies and go the distance. Plus, she dropped what is probably her biggest and most iconic single to date: "Single ladies (Put a ring on it)" to kick her shit off. She was always going to push units.

Brandy is working with The Dream (which probably means Tricky Stewart and Los Da Maestro too), Stargate and also Ne-Yo. Producers on her forthcoming album aren't limited to these guys, but are the only names confirmed so far. But as we know the case can be with Brandy; only because she's recording now, don't mean we'll see the album any time soon. Word is that Brandy sixth studio album could drop this year, but I doubt it. We probably won't see the album until 2013!

My wish list for who I want Brandy to work with on this new album is as follows... Danja (I shudder to think what these 2 would knock up together and how hot she'd sound on a Danja beat), Eric Hudson (we've heard what he's done for Brandy already. "Dig this". "Back and forth". Need I say more!?), Bloodshy & Avant (Just for something different. And to hear a chick other than Crystal Kay who can actually sing, lace one of their hot beats), Ryan Tedder (this guy would come correct for Brandy and give her that big song). In terms of some new and unknown peeps, I'd love for Brandy to work with Tiyon "TC" Mack: the guy responsible for writing and arranging "A Cappella (Something's missing)" from her Human album. He also wrote a song called "Complete" which was produced by Danja, which sounded HOT! The song was intended for the Beyondroid, but the song sounded straight Brandy to me and she would've done it better than the Beyondroid ever could. To go completely left with my choice, I'd love for her too hook up with Ryosuke Sakai. A Japanese producer and the man responsible for one of my favourite songs: Crystal Kay's "Konna ni chikaku de..." and also her banger "Escalator". Dude knows how to produce catchy songs with some hot arrangements. I'd love for him to do something with Brandy.

I'm not going to put Timbaland on the wish list until I hear evidence that his sound is on it's way back. Dude has not been slowing the fall off. "Drum life" was aight. But it weren't shit on "N 2 da music" and what he gave Brandy for Afrodisiac. That was some of his best work. Unless he can come as good or better - he needs to stay away from Brandy.

Whatever Brandy drops as an album, I know I'm going to love it. She can do no wrong when it comes to albums. She doesn't have it in her too.

Brandy. If somehow you stumble across this. "Holla at meeeeeeeeeeee!" Gimme some album info. And also, confirm for me what store you were in when you snapped that picture above. Because it does look a heck of a lot like the one I wandered into in Shibuya.


  1. Damn. I kinda want her to work with Midi Mafia again. I noticed she was talking to Lonny Breaux on Twitter (dude wrote "Quickly"). Aside from the Mafia, Danja is always a good request to throw in there, and I kinda liked those songs she did with Maximum Risk a while back.

    BTW, do you know who produced "Doesn't really matter", if it wasn't Max risk? And, how do you find out who produced Kuri tracks? Japanese are so proper with their releases, they never give out that info over the Internet! They want me to drop $40 on a CD for no reason!


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