Kelly performs her dance shit on 'This morning' in London

Beyoncé's former back up singer Kelly Rowland is currently in the UK and appeared on the weekday morning show This morning, where she graced at home telly viewers to a live performance of her collaboration with French DJ David Guetta "When love takes over".

I can't stress enough how much I hate this song. But Kelly sounds amazing on it, looks AH-MAZING in the music video and sounded great in this live performance. "When love takes over" is currently #1 on the UK iTunes chart and at #7 on the official UK singles chart - which is a good look. A better look than I envisioned for this song. I honestly thought this shit would flop. Even in a country that loves a bit of trance, dance and techno. But I've been proven wrong. Gladly so, because I love Kelly.

I really do hope that Kelly gets to work on a new album. And pray to God she doesn't go this club route with it. Ms. Kelly shitted over all of the Beyondroid's solo efforts combined. Too bad it fell out of the charts faster than Beyoncé down a flight of stairs at Orlando.

Kelly Rowland has recently nabbed herself in a new manager in the wake of kicking Mr. Knowles to the curb. Kelly is now managed by same dude who managed Kelis and Michelle Branch. Looks like Kelly won't be on the rise any time soon then.


  1. I swear that piano sounds familiar. Isn't from another song?

    I personally love Kelly's voice. I'm not crazy about the song though. It sounds a little too much like one of those techno remixes you would hear of a song.


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