Jonte' in Harper's Bazaar & new album info...

Jonte' in Harper's Bazaar
Jonte' continues to be a bit of a big deal in Japan, by nabbing some pages in Japan's Harper's Bazaar - where he struts poses, shows off the legs and works his shit. Ya know... what Jonte does best. Jonte' himself revealed that what was supposed to be only a 2 page spread, turned into a 5 pager, due to folk at the magazine liking so many of the photo's taken. Go Jonte'! He keeps them legs looking right. There's chicks who'd kill for those legs and to be able to work them heels how he does.

On the music front, Jonte' plans to release an album in Japan this year. But it will not be a long player. It will instead be a mini-album. There are no concrete plans for it to get a release outside of Japan, or for Jonte' to record a full length album. I'm assuming these are factors determined by the success of the mini album.

"Ya! Who?", the music video to "Bitch you betta" and his antics on Japanese TV shows has turned me into a bit of a fan. And "Ya! Who?" was genuinely a really hot song. God knows what the musical direction of Jonte's mini-album will be, but I'm kinda intrigued.


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