Lady Gaga's "Telephone" gets parodied

I saw this video at some early hour of the morning and barely laughed. But when I saw it the next day and actually paid attention to it, I found myself smiling and giggling at the whole thing. It was witty, clever and brash. From the recreation of the video to the song lyrics.

There are probably just as many people who hate the "Telephone" music video and thought "What the f**k is this?" as there are people who like it. This video is for both crowds. I liked the "Telephone" video for what it was: overblown theatrics. But even I love this parody. When the guy came into the shot with his camera head, taking the piss out of Beyoncé's "Video phone", I damn near died. And the chick playing Lady Gaga has a nice body on her. Them titties and that booty was looking nice in that Police tape.


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