Single arts: Kumi Koda - Pop diva

Hot covers. They look a lot like the ones for "Taboo". So much so that it wouldn't be a complete stab in the dark to assume the same photographer and stylist worked on them.

I'm not all that excited for new material from Kumi, because she's been releasing strings of singles, DVD's and albums over the past 6 months with no stop gap in-between. She's making Ayumi Hamasaki's leaking vagina of singles look tame.

I like how "Pop diva" sounds though. Over processed vocals and generous helpings of auto-tune, but I can deal. The beat on the song calls for Kumi to act a complete skank in the video though. I will not accept anything less than long weaves, heels, p***y popping and the opening of legs on chairs.


  1. The chorus is catchy, the more I hear the song, the more I want to play it again. The covers remind me of 'Come With Me', the English text and posing in hot outfits.

  2. 1. HOT covers (except those shoes) and i think they're better than the "Taboo" covers although "Taboo" will forever remain my favourite Kumi song lol

    2. "Pop Diva" is awsome, it's mindless trash but it works and i PRAY that she will slut it up in the vid, 2011 is the time to rediscover the whorishness that made us love yooooou! pop that pussy, shake that ass, thrash that weave, swallow that d... LOL


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