Miming Mimi's Good morning America #performance

Miming Mimi's Good morning America #performance | randomjpop.blogspot.co.uk

I love it when Miming Mimi hits up a TV show to perform, because you always know this woman is going to give you some form of wreck. Whether it's something small, like shopping trolley wheeled into a lampost. A sizeable wreckage, such as a mini Coop into a cement bollard. Or a straight up train wreck.

When Mariah graced Good Morning America with her presence, not only did she sound a complete mess performing her new single "Hashtag Beautiful", but her dress popped open in the back after croaking of "Always be my baby" and she had a couple of mini diva meltdowns live on the stage which had to force the show into a commercial break. It was amazing.

Mariah sounded decent...up until she performed "Hashtag Beautiful". She was hitting notes flat, forgetting lyrics and miming her whistles. Lambs, you can come for me if you like. It won't change that your girl was miming those whistles. Miming Mimi's acting game is tight though. She was throwing her ass back into that seat and making that face like she was hitting those notes for real. Beyoncé wishes she had that type of acting talent.

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  1. oooh lawd that was a mess. #Beautiful #NO

  2. Count with me.

    1. Screeching at niggas to help her down some stairs, and almost falling down anyways

    2. Hitting those low notes as well as most species of baboon

    3. Holding her pack mic in her hand, and commenting about it in the middle of the song


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