Single art: Crystal Kay - Shiawase tte

Crystal Kay - Shiawase tte (幸せって。)  | Random J Pop

My former Queen Crystal Kay is releasing a new digital single on April 19th, which will be used as the theme to the NHK drama Daisy Luck. I would be excited about hearing something new from Crystal, but she's has done me dirty with her singles over the past couple of years. Giving me tepid ass ballads, when I want pop bops and bangers. The last single that Crystal released which used my edges as a zip-line was her 2013 digital single "My heartbeat".

Ever since "Nando demo" popped as the theme of the J-drama Otona Joshi, Crystal has been getting booked to deliver themes to dramas and catching herself some coin and decent sales in the process. Even though the songs be nothing special.

Crystal Kay - Shiawase tte (幸せって。)  | Random J Pop

Whilst the quality of Crystal's music is going downhill faster than Kang Young-seo at the Pyeongchang Olympics, she stays looking happier than she's ever been, which is at least something. She has also become a complete Insta thirst trap and stays looking as fresh and carefree as she does on this single cover. I told her what I felt about this and she agreed.

Crystal Kay features me on her Instagram story | Random J Pop

Me and Crystal Kay are best friends now. Just don't show her my reviews of Spin the music or Shine.

Crystal Kay will also be releasing a brand new album this year. I want to be excited about this, but Shine left me scarred and kicked my expectations of future material down into the gutter.