Listen to Perfume's new single "Time Warp"

Listen to Perfume's new single "Time Warp" | Random J Pop

So, Perfume finally unveiled their new song "Time Warp" on their radio show Perfume Locks. And y'all. I can't believe it's not butter or doo doo.

I had no expectations for this song. Nakata's output post LEVEL3 has been as shaky as Kashiyuka trying to hold a note. With the messes that were Cosmic Explorer and Future Pop (don't front, you know those albums were garbage) Nakata has been telling us for years to not have expectations, but I kept having them regardless, just to have them dashed. So when "Time WAP" was announced, I told myself that to expect nothing good, and just hold out that maybe I'd at least get a good music video ('cos we know they've been on a slippery slope too). But "Time WAP" is good. Like...really good.

"Time Warp" sounds like 80s Japanese Pop, which is a sound I've been wanting Perfume to delve into more since LEVEL3. Gimme more "1mm". More "Cosmic Explorer". The song structure is a bit weird though. The chorus doesn't really stick, and as has become customary with Nakata's songs these days, there's no bridge section or middle-8 when there really should been one. The general feel of the song for me is like something that's moving along and doesn't have time to stop. I listen to the song and I see OutRun and LaRoux's "In For The Kill". Bitch. Just cars. The song may have been cut down for Perfume Locks, but I can't imagine the additional minute giving us anything major. Never forget how "If You Wanna" packed up it's shit and left after two and a half minutes. I'd love an electric guitar solo, but that's me having hopes, and I can't do hopes with Perfume's music any more.

And now for the thing that I say with every Perfume song these days. It does give me Pamyu Pamyu vibes. The driving bassline, and 80s Pop with video game vibes reminds me of "Mondai Girl". This is where Perfume's vocals would have helped made it more of their own. This song would have been so much better had Perfume sang it in their natural singing voices.

"Time Warp" is one of the best singles Perfume have released in a good while, which isn't saying much. But credit where it's due, it's a good 'un. And I feel like it could be a grower. With a great music video and dance routine, it wouldn't be hard to like the song more. Perfume's songs as of late tend to do more for me once I see live performances of them.

It would be great the sound of "Time Warp" were a direction that Perfume's entire upcoming album went in, and they didn't include "Saisei", which sounded like a P³ (P Cubed) song anyway, with it's retrospective-ass video 'b' all. But Perfume be including all the singles and B-sides on albums these days, and we know Nakata hates consistency like Perfume's stylists hate good fashion.

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