Crystal Kay drops a preview of her cover of EXILE's "Tada...Aitakute"

Crystal Kay drops a preview of her cover of EXILE's "Tada...Aitakute" | Random J Pop

Crystal Kay has released another preview of a song from I Sing on YouTube. This time of EXILE's "Tada...Aitakute". And as with the past two covers we heard of Official Hige Dandism's "I Love..." and Radwimps' "Nandemonaiya", Crystal manages to make this song sound like something old of hers. Her cover of "Tada…Aitakute" actually reminds a fair amount of her 2005 top 10 hit single "Kiss".

These little studio videos were cute at first. But now I'm like, could we not have gotten something different for some variation? And I still do not get for the life of me why Universal don't just release the full versions of these songs if they're going to give us 2 minutes and 30 seconds of the damn thing anyway. Either make the preview 30 to 40 seconds or drop the whole thing. We're also close to a month out from the release of the album. So we could have gone at least another week or two until we got another preview of a song, given one was only released a week ago. Pacing y'all.

"Tada…Aitakute" was a huge hit for EXILE when it released in December of 2005, reaching number 1 on the Oricon charts and charted for 4 months, becoming one of the best selling singles of 2006. And even now, EXILE are still popular. So releasing "Tada…Aitakute" as a single would've been a really good look for Crystal. But of course we just get some lil' preview on YouTube and LDH won't give the bitch a budget to shoot a music video. You'd think given that Crystal Kay and EXILE are part of the same management company, one that members of EXILE founded, that they'd do something for this cover of all covers, but nope.

Knowing that they had Crystal holed up in some studio changing up outfits and singing several of these songs, has me wondering why they didn't just have her sing them live, accompanied by a guitar or piano player as a little virtual mini concert and release it when the album drops. But nope. Crystal has to perform on Instagram live of her own accord with her MacBook in her lap.

I hope this album does well for Crystal. I really do. But the long wait, the lack of an impactful single, and the non-existent promo is concerning.

Crystal Kay's first album of covers I Sing releases physically and digitally on April 21st, 2021.

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